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the pastor's wife has a secret...

Holly's Touch is a feature film (drama) inspired by the real life of celebrated sexologist Dr. Marilyn K. Volker, and her journey from pastor's wife to sex surrogate partner.

About the movie

Pastor Dean and his wife, Holly, lead a uniquely accepting church that welcomes members of all backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyle choices. But Pastor Dean isn't satisfied. He wants to create a shared community with members of his church, a local mosque and nearby synagogue.


Holly supports Dean's dream until she discovers that she has one of her own. After accidentally entering a local recruiting conference, Holly steps away from her role as supportive pastor's wife to becomes a sex surrogate partner. She wants to help people heal their emotional and physical wounds by offering them intimate and sexual touch. It's her true calling!


At first, Holly only has to deal with her husband's struggle with her decision, but when members of her church, the mosque and the synagogue find out what she's doing, Holly is forced to choose between her marriage and the clients who so desperately need her help.

Who are surrogate partners?

Trained and highly supervised professionals who utilize reciprocal touch and intimacy/sexual strategies to help people learn the physical and emotional skills they need to enjoy their own meaningful relationships. Clients include adults who have never experienced physical intimacy, trauma survivors, physically disabled/wounded military personnel, individuals on the spectrum, and people who are transitioning their gender.  

Project summary

Logline: When a pastor's wife uncovers her extraordinary ability as a sex surrogate partner, she's torn between her commitment to her church and her pledge to provide transformative intimacy healing to her clients - all while concealing her actions from the prying eyes of her religious community.

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature Film

Estimated Budget: $5M - $6M (talent dependent)

Estimated Schedule: 8 months

Tone: A thought-provoking blend of drama and sexuality, with a touch of spiritual exploration.

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